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...I saw while running errands this morning.

-A very pregnant mare at one of the farms up on Danforth.

-Easter Lilies on sale for 1$ each. Score!

-This collection of MD gifts at B&N.
(I have no need for any of them, but they are gorgeous. There were also tea pots and coffee cups that are apparently not available on-line. ::senseless drooling::)

-Overcast skies and damp ground, just what our firefighters need. ;o)
(My seedlings approve of the above also.)

Oh yeah....
Real live copies of Writers of the Future 24 at Books-a-Million in North OKC.
This is the first time I've ever seen copies anywhere. B&N didn't have any (nor do Target or Walmart, for that matter) but I was pleased to see that they actually exist.

Of course, my phone battery was too dead to take a picture...
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*posted with the illustrator's permission.

Isn't this GORGEOUS? (Click on it to see a larger version)

When you go to the workshop, one of the things you do is meet the illustrator who did the work for your story. James Galindo is a California artist whose focus is actually fine art, but he also does some amazingly lovely illustrations. (If you scroll down about halfway, you can see James' winning entries from the contest.) Looking at those, you can see that his work with action shots is excellent.

In the illustration above, he's caught one of the scenes in the story where....well, you can tell exactly what's going on, I think. He did a wonderful job of capturing the characters in the story, (quite a challenge when one knows that I don't describe a great deal) as well as the mood of it. I couldn't be more stoked about my illustration! (And I already have the black and white version up on my office wall)

Thanks, James!
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So, this is one of the major challenges of the WOTF workshop. In theory, you could do this at home.

1) You are given a random object
2) You go to the library and do some research
3) You talk to a stranger
4) You write a story and turn it in at the end of 24 hours.
more about it beneath the cut )
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I'm sorry that I haven't had a chance to catch on my flists' posts, and it will be a couple of days until I do so. I hope exotically fascinating things are happening in your lives....without my watching. ;o)

Various notes, and a time table:

1) I did sell a story while there, to the Wolfsongs Anthology.

I'm particularly pleased to sell this story, because I actually trunked the story about a year ago after 4 rejections. Something didn't work, and I knew it. When I read the guidelines for the anthology (edited by the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] shadowhelm) I thought "Hmmm, 'The Bear Girl' would fit right in...."

I dragged the story out of the trunk and tried to figure out how to fix the plot-line problem...and finally got it right. It required quite a bit of rewriting to get the structure how I wanted it, so I'm really pleased it was accepted. ;o)

2) I have disgusting con crud augmented by clogged ears. I'm in a fishbowl with Snap Crackle and Pop. It's annoying.

3) I will post about the WOTF workshop over the next few days, not in a chronological order, but a topical one. I think that my posts will be:
a)Travel and Lodging
b)Meeting People
c)The 24-hour Story

4) This week I received payment from WOTF, Fantasy Magazine, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, which means I'm depositing $1111 in my bank account tomorrow. This number seems auspicious to me. ;o)
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I'm heading home today. Said goodbye to Al and Tim and KD, but have already missed some compatriots as they slipped out in the early hours... We're heading out at 11, but don't expect to be home until 10. I'm taking the computer so I can get to work on my 24-hours-story revisions, because I have a competitive urge to get mine out first... (more on this later).

Still tired, and have a touch of con crud (which would in this case be 'workshop crud.')

I never do sleep on a plane. Not even on the flights to Australia.

Cough drops are in order. ;o)
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Sleep? What is sleep?

More later...
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Got up at 5 today, read my homework.
We went to the library today to research, followed by some special tasks.
Fred Pohl talked to us this afternoon.
Now I have 24 hours to write a story, so off I go.

Oh, in the 'easily amused' category,
I had a Monte Cristo Sandwich tonight at the restaurant. I even tried it with some of the strawberry preserves that came with it. It was....interesting.

Whoever thought of this must also be responsible for the McGriddle.
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We got up early and hobbled to the airport. The United people were super-nice, and we arrived ony 3.5 hours late, due to sitting on the tarmac for a long time while they did maintenance. They kept the air on, though, and brought us water, and ran a movie, so it wasn't terrible.

We had a prelim meeting last night that ran till 9? 9:30?

Given that I'd woken at the local equivalent of 2AM, I was wiped by the time we were done.

Woke up at 4AM (local time) this morning and did my homework, then took a shower, and we'll go to brekky soon.


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