Dec. 20th, 2008 03:18 pm
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I won the item I was bidding on over at the HelpVera site, so I'll be getting a new set of hardbacks signed by the awesome [ profile] marthawells! Now it remains for me to decide what to do with the slightly worn set of the Ile-Rien trilogy hardbacks that I have now....hmmmm. I know who I'll offer them to....and she can give hers to....hmmm....(Somewhere down the line, I hope someone who hasn't had a chance to read them before will end up with a set. ;o)

This counts as one of my happy things, doesn't it?

ETA: Looks like I have a taker for my older copies...and they will send their paperbacks to someone else in the joint effort to generate another fan ;o) Yay! Teamwork!
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An auction on Ebay-Belgium closed today at 70 Euros for a copy of Ansen Dibell's Aux confins de l'ouragan (Tidestorm Limit). That's the lowest I've seen one go for a long time. (There's one currently available on Priceminster-France for 135 Euros. Eep!) I still couldn't bring myself to bid on it.

I do want the book eventually. There were only 1530 copies ever printed (in French), so I know I'm going to have to pay--but not that much, not today.

I've also run across it listed in Creative Commons, which I'll have to check out.

I've read book 5 in the series (The Sun of the Grand Return, or Le soleil du grand retour), so I have a pretty good idea what happens in book 4, but there are tidbits that I want to what happened to Garin and Sua. Oh, well....

Perhaps next year.

ETA: A better place to put some free funds:

Every little bit helps. ;o)


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