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Such an oddity for me. I don't usually do these, but I have links today.

1) [livejournal.com profile] marshall_payne has posted his interview with me at Fantasy Magazine today. It was surrpisingly fun to do. ;o)

2) [livejournal.com profile] scbutler's story "More Than Once Upon a Time" is now up at Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

3) [livejournal.com profile] melissajm's story "Children of the Fire" can now be found at Aberrant Dreams.

4) [livejournal.com profile] musingaloud has a charming short, Potion Woes out in Everday Fiction.

5) Place reserved for the one I'm sure I forgot....If you guys remember, leave a note in the comments.

6) [livejournal.com profile] incandragon posted this. It's worth a watch for the nostalgic smile it will bring (to those of us over a certain age).
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Husband has started watching Supernatural, so we may start in on that series. Target currently has Season 1 and Season 3 on sale. Why not 2? Hmmmm...

67% done on rewrite.

As pertains to yesterday's post:
Yes, I do think that Jeremy Brett is a better Holmes than Rupert Everett. There, I've said it.
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[livejournal.com profile] asakiyume has a beautiful post about birds here. I suspect there a plot bunny poking out under the leaves therein. Must 'heart' this post.

Speaking of leaves, I'm going to take out a privet today. Possibly just one of the three evil beasts, but I've been needing to do something about those monsters for some time. They've sent out roots everywhere, and I suspect they'll try to invade the house eventually. Plus the third privet's branches block the water spigot for the front yard. Much digging and chopping is in store for me.

Wrote one of the new scenes for DitD. You know those 'white room' scenes that we're never supposed to write? This is in a root cellar, no light, no window, door shut. No visual input. Oh wait, I'm actually pretty good at 'no visual input'....no problemo.

I realize that 'teh' is the proper mispelling for 'the.' I, however, persist in spelling it 'hte'....
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Got over the awkward-scene hump, I'm on page 207/510 on DitD. The new scene changes a lot of things from here out, though, so I'm going to have to do extra work on the last 300 pages.

So far I'm still at a 5/5 on reviews on Amazon. I hope that continues to be the case.

Today is cheat day, so pizza tonight. We're thinking Papa John's.

The Hugo noms are up, making me sad that I'm not going to be able to vote. “26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss” by Kij Johnson (Asimov’s Jul 2008) is on the short story list and as much as I like the other noms, I do hope Kij finishes the night with that award in her hands. ;o)

Admitedly, I don't have a lot of knowledge about the other categories, and I haven't read any of the nominated novels (oops!).

But then there's the Campbell Award for Best New Writer. An awful lot of people are eligible for this every year (many of whom don't even realize it), far more than show up on the official 'eligibles' page. However, I don't think that they could have picked better nominees. It's going to be tough, particularly with the split between short-story people and novelists. I'm pulling for [livejournal.com profile] aliettedb or [livejournal.com profile] wistling to win. ::fingers crossed::
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OK, the fencing guys are supposed to return today to tear down the fence.

Last night we ([livejournal.com profile] displacedtexan and I, not the royal 'we') re-scanned for new TV channels and, on a lark, decided to keep Telemundo in order to practice our flagging Spanish. Big mistake. Later, when we channelsurfed past TM, the tv someohw got hung up there....and took several tries to get it to change. Then it got stuck there! The remote wouldn't work, the buttons on the body of the TV wouldn't work....and the TV shut itself off. Only to turn back on, still stuck on Telemundo. After several minutes of wrangling with the thing, we shut down the power strip and left it over night.

This morning, it was still stuck, but [livejournal.com profile] displacedtexan finally managed to get it off Telemundo, and then deleted the channel.

We don't know why it was that particular channel. Virus?

So much for practicing the Spanish.

And why is Brian Williams on Today this morning? Could they not find Lester Holt? (Who probably lives in an apartment in the R. center, since he's usually there all the time.) We hope Lester's all right. He's my favorite there (although I also like Ann, Al, and David).
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1) The Campbell Eligibility Page is now UP at Writertopia, and I'm on it...along with a lot of other really good people. ;o)
I haven't, however, been able to access the profile, yet, so it only has the one story listed on the bibliography. I hope to get around to that soon. I also noted that there are a lot of peopleI know who are eligible who havent' put their names on the list.

2) Happy BD to [livejournal.com profile] mkhobson. May the next year not have the pains of the last.

3) Story in, story back out...the circle of life.

4) I found Blood Oranges (Moros) at one of the local grocery stores. They're very tart and small. I expect bigger ones later.

5) I've started reading The Lone Star Stories Reader, and the first story is "Wolf Night" by Martha Wells. I've read this one a few times before and I also put it in one of my Anthology Builder anthologies, but I still enjoy reading it, which is why I didn't skip over. Best line:
He had never had a woman hit anybody with an axe for him before, and it had quite turned his head.
Subtle and funny, very nice ;o)

6) Finished Iron Shoes at 36.5K. Will think about it for a while, and then start sending it out.
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Happy BD to [livejournal.com profile] kijjohnson!

A voice from the edge of the void:
28 days to a 3rd round hold notice from ASIM.

I must say that I'm impressed with their submission system. This is the first time I've subbed there, but they've been nicely communicative at every step so far. I hope they like my story well enough to buy it ;o)

This story now joins the others being held for final consideration. (494, 456, 180, 127.....28) I'm learning patience, which is the point of this, right? Unfortunately, my prognostojections have me worried about my other two submissions out there.

Almost done with Iron Shoes 36K. I'm crazy for writing this one.
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[livejournal.com profile] displacedtexan and I took Mr. Loki to the park after church today. WHen we got there, 72 degrees. When we left, 58 degrees. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 25 degrees.

My forced amaryllises are getting into the Christmas spirit.

Good timing, guys!

We watched Hogfather last night. I really don't read humor well. For some reason, I have trouble finding funny books funny. But funny movies? That I can do. ;o)

OTOH, for anyone familiar with both Facebook and Pride and Prejudice, I gacked this link from [livejournal.com profile] janni. So funny!

Stay warm, everyone!
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1) Used my Best Buy refund to buy a copy of The Fall, and watched it yesterday while folding laundry, doing dishes, etc. Wow.

2) One of my Arkansas cousins and I headed out to Ted's last night, chatted for quite a while afterward. It was nice to catch up ;o) I am regretting the excessive amount of Habañero salsa, but not enough not to skip it next time. I love the burn.

3) Still working on Iron Shoes and reading Merryland at the same time. Word count hanging between 27 and 28K, but I'll go over 30 in the next few days.

4) Ice in the birdbath all day yesterday, and cloudy and overcast. Blahsville.

5) Mr. Loki is going in for his annual shots today. He doesn't know that yet. We'll do a short walk afterwards, which means I'll have to blundle up.

6) Uh, I can't find the cord for the phone, so I haven't gotten the flooring pictures off yet. Perhaps tomorrow.
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1) It would appear the WOTF24 is NOT being released today, despite Amazon's claim to the contrary. Someone at WOTF mentioned 'October' to me the other day...so perhaps....

2) A lot of people chimed into the REJECTION POLL yesterday. Other that wishing I'd set it up as 'answer as many as appropriate', people gave me a lot of mature and thought-provoking answers. more on this under the cut )

3) From the so-factual horoscope today: You may find it hard to deal with people today, since they may be a bit spacey in general. No, seriously?

::rolls eyes::

4) Got 3K written last night, watched Dark City. Never seen it before, interesting.

5) Seriously laughed this week-end when we watched The Road Warrior. In the end credits it says the 'warrior woman' was played by Virginia Hey.

Me: Wow, I didn't recognize her. She had eyebrows.
Husband: And she wasn't blue...and she had hair...

I guess I shouldn't feel too bad then.

6) Gonna go make pillowcases.


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