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Bunny: Srsly, it wuld work...

Me: Alison Krauss and Sting--wrong on so many levels. And it's borderline horror. We don't write horror.

Bunny: Its dark siense ficshun, not horrur. Its a space westurn!

Me: Blood...in the title...that says horror to me.

Bunny: ::whispers:: We can do this.

Me: Don't go all Donnie Darko on me. Why couldn't you have given me the plot for the Blitz story? I wanted to work on that, not this one. I was saving this idea for CP3.

Bunny: Mwahahahaha!

Me: Don't do that. It's really creepy.

Bunny: ::bares buck teeth::

Me: I'm gonna go do chores. Then I'm going to the post office. Be in your warren when I come back.

Why does the bunny never provide what I want? Just what he wants?

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My compiler must have gotten his act back together: No spaceships in today's predicitons:
Some exciting career developments could have you flying high today, J. Perhaps you've just attained a long-term goal, or managed to get a break which tells you that your goals are now within your reach. Whichever it is, you're likely to be on the receiving end of some unexpected congratulations, perhaps from people you wouldn't have thought it of. An increase in income could also be in the offing. Whatever it is, you've earned it!

The day ahead should be fairly positive, dear Libra, and you will begin to feel the faintest hints of a major change beginning. This new phase will last seven months. As it progresses, you will find greater freedom of expression, and you can expect to shift into high gear on subjects you used to avoid.

Oh, yeah!

Also, the plot bunny visited last night. A good idea that will mean TONS of research. Why does that bunny always hit me in the research?
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Once in a while, I don't have an image in my cut-up-magazine files to represent a character, so I have to go looking on-line. Good pictures of kids are especially hard to find.

FOr the piece I'm working on right now (which would be a follow up to Iron Shoes*)I needed a two-year-old boy, dark hair and eyes, something of a holy terror. I found this:

Snurched from this article.

Isn't that one perfect? It was on my first search page. Sometimes you just get lucky.
*Yes, the bunny has already come in with suggestions...I guess 36K just isn't enough.
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1) Got off sub to snail-mail venue last night, am working on two others. One may possibly be my first sub to ASIM, since it's kinda humorous (one of the rare pieces where no one dies...although there is a cemetery). Never sent to ASIM before....

2) The Bug Guy is coming today. Which means all the floors have to be vacuumed, and the baseboards wiped down (if I have time). Will spend morning on that.

3) I'll decorate a tiny bit outside the house today....15 days to Christmas.

4) My father and I have been discussing radical things we want to bake for the holiday. I'm leaning toward the AF Bread and the Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies, he's leaning toward Egg Nog Pie and Carrot Pie. All will probably make an appearance, along with various cheesecakes.

5) Finished one year of Merryland, one to go. I'm done with Iron Shoes, right? So why am I still doing horsey research? Well, it's interesting, among other things, plus I might always consider stretching IS out to a longer length.

And the plot bunny whispered in my ear yeasterday morning that there's a sequel out there....and made me type up 1.5K of notes last night.

::shaking head:: I am so weak willed.

Iron Shoes

Nov. 21st, 2008 01:43 pm
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Finished the first draft at 27.5K....a messy FD even for me. An extra draft will be needed before I let anyone read this. I'm still thinking it could be stretched to 90K if I wanted. It's at 27.5, and I haven't even worked in setting or description....oh dear...
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Got an e-mail this morning saying that Fantasy Magazine would like to publish "Early Winter, Near Jenli Village"

I am excited about this for several reasons...
1) It's the first time I've ever repeated in a publication, and
2) it's Fantasy Magazine, which is made of awesome!
3) I wasn't certain this would fit there, but I really love this story, so I sent it...
4) It was one of the plot bunny's creations (I woke up out of a dream with it in my head), proving the bunny isn't so dumb after all.
5) It's part of my dragon series (#2.5), although there's no dragon in this particular story....it's still about the same family.

Drat, I need to get #2 cleaned up and sent out!

To celebrate, I'm gonna go and get fancy coffee (that someone else has brewed for me)
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19K, and the horses are at the starting line....I do know which horse is going to win, BTW. I expect to finished the hideously sloppy first rough draft tonight, and it should clock in between 21 and 22 K.

Then I'll let it sit for a while, do some desultory research on horse racing and how you go about replacing your jockey at the last minute. (in terms of whom you have to tell...The Saratoga Racing Association?)

I'm dethroning the horse who actually won the Hopeful Stakes in 1905. However, I'll bet there would be a high percentage of people (if this ever gets published) who:
a) don't even know that there was a Hopeful Stakes in 1905 (say, 85%)
b) don't know there was horse racing in Saratoga Springs in 1905 (70%)
c) don't know that there really is a town called Saratoga Springs (60%)
d) don't know what a stakes races is (60%)
e) don't know what a jockey is (20% probably need the word 'disc' in front of it)
f) don't care about verisimilitude anyway.... (10%)

It's a terrible rough draft.
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Now at 18K...hope to finish RD by Monday night.

Will not be sending this out this month. Have way to much research to do. Must hit the library.

Why did I chose a historical setting? Why?
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Yesterday, I wrote 2.2K on the plot bunny's new idea.

The irony of this is that one of the characters in this story is a puca (spell it however you want, people) but is NOT in rabbit form.

Down, Harvey, Down! No cookie!

I don't have any clue where I'd market this story, how long it's going to turn out to be, or entirely where it's going. I hate that. But given the choice of watching presidential debates tonight or working, I'll definitely be at the computer with the dang bunny whispering in my ear.


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