Aug. 7th, 2007 04:46 pm
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So, I started back at the revision of The King's Daughter last night. After not touching it for a couple of months because I've been working on short stories, I was actually rather pleased.

I revised the first quarter of the book earlier this year. (Most of the revisions have to come in the first half of the book. The second half just needs to be compacted). I redid a couple of POV things, and found that the focus of Q1 shifted nicely. I did leave out a plot point that I have to go back and stick in, but I think I can do that After ArmadilloCon. Then I'll tackle Q2, which needs some restructuring that will be made farily easy by the POV switch (plus I have to work some foreshadowing in). All in all, I'm relieved, because I recall being frustrated with this earlier this year.

I need a better French-English dictionary. I got a bit annoyed with mine last night when a couple of words that I needed did not appear within its microscopically printed pages. For some reason, Chasseurs de sorciers read quite easily, but I'm grinding down while reading La mort du necromant. More description, I think, causes this. ::sigh::

I must go feed dogs....

28 pages

Apr. 25th, 2007 09:50 pm
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After 2 full days of re-outlining an already completed mansucript, I have proceeded into the rewrite...WooHoo.

I'm 28 pages in. About 600 to go. Tired now.
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OK, I've now critiqued 4 stories for this...but I'm not submitting myself. I haven't read one of these anthologies since college, and have no idea what they're really after. As I recall, it wasn't up my alley.

Writing some fun scenes now (they're not fun, actually, I just love that POV character(Llelas Sevireiya)). Going to restructure a bit and then slide them in. Fun work.


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