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You can probably figure out how that one turned out.

Mister Loki and I were walking at the park today when I spotted a snake lying by the side of the path. Not moving much. Then I realized that it had been partially flayed by one of the riding mowers. It was a big six-foot plus black snake--essentially harmless to humans. At least at that size, the poor thing has probably had lots of writhy little offspring.

Sadly, I don't think the snake is going to snake physical therapy. I think something closer to a machete and a trashcan is in its future. The park guy told me "Oh. It's dead." I said, "No, it's still alive." So he dispatched one of the other guys to 'get it off the jogging path.'


Mister Loki? What did he think of the injured snake lying less than four feet away from him? He didn't even notice it! He was too busy growling at the guys on the mowers. ::rolls eyes::

Clueless dog.
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...because I almost stepped on a snake today at the park.

Did the normal walking/jogging thing, stopped to help a reporter-girl find the pad from which the girl scout's statue had been stolen*, admired the new rugby field (complete with bleachers and all), saw deer-prints on the lacrosse field, took the truck path (shortcut) over the hill and almost squashed on the little critter as it crossed the path in front of me. Jumped back in time. It was probably no more than a foot long, most likely a checkered garter snake.

A snake-sighting makes spring official.

*Yes, some moron stole the 400lb life-size bronze statue of a girl scout from the park. Police have it back already.
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[livejournal.com profile] displaced_texan doesn't really believe that there are snakes at the park. I saw another one today, just lying in middle of the jogging path. This is the seventh one I've seen there. So, I waited around for it to get off the path. (I think this was a Rough Earth Snake, like the ones we have at the house).

I've decided that the snakes only show themselves to me.

A totally unrelated tid-bit: Amazon is doing something interesting. They are giving a $10 gift certificate to people who turn in $30 of coins at a Coinstar booth by 11/4. So basically, by getting $30 of coins, running it through the machine, and having it given back to me as an Amazon GC, I am eligible for an additional $10 GC from Amazon through the mail. Now, as I see it, that's 25% off. After all, I will spend the GC at Amazon. If there's a downside to this, I can't figure out what it is. There's no charge for cashing in the coins, so....

Here's the Coinstar website: Coinstar
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Well, I was walking along at the park, considering that I should keep an annual critter count (prompted by the earlier sighting of a squirrel). I thought.....hmmm, no snakes yet this year....oops!

There was a snake about a foot off the path. On initial look, I thought he was black, but I saw a faint diamond pattern underlaying that. About 5 feet long. We both just stayed still for a moment, evaluating the situation, but the snake decided it wasn't worth it to cross the road while I was there and headed back down to the creek. I went to the OK snakes web-page and determined that he must be a black ratsnake--relatively harmless. Whew!

Snakes 1
Squirrels 1
Rabbits 0
Assorted Shrews/Voles/Field mice (why bother)
Mississippi Kite 0
Coy-dog/Coyote 0
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My front yard snake is my friend. (He eats bugs)

He's a little guy (about 15 inches) and I think he's a Rough Earthsnake. He regularly leaves a shed skin for us in the rocks under the yaupon holly, but otherwise, we never see him....until the other night. Came out about 7:30 pm and he was lying on the sidewalk about ten feet from the front door. Since it was dark, he couldn't have been sunning himself. The only idea I have is that he was enjoying some residual heat from the concrete.

Well, he saw me and slithered away (slow on concrete), so we didn't talk. It was just unusual to see him in the open. (Perhaps he's rabid!)

Got some research done, got some revision done, went to a writers group meeting. So far DD is doing OK on BAEN. A person of interest had one sentence she thought needed changing in CH 3. Once I looked at it, I realized she was absolutely right and I do need to change it. It's been a helpful process so far. I suppose I'll keep posting chapters until no one reads them anymore.
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So, I'm coming around a tree laden corner of the jogging path and...um, there's a snake just lying on the path, sunning itself.

Yeah, you just run around them...


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