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Have wedding shower (I'm hosting one for a friend's daughter) related errands this morning.

Purchased a new (to us) Volvo yesterday, which generated dozens more errands. Oddly, I have a feeling this car is female, or at least androgynous. All my cars before have been male. I will keep you updated if my perception of Willow's gender changes. (I suspect that now I've slapped that name on her, her gender has been decided for her.)

From the horoscope wars:
Let your fantasy world spill out on to a piece of paper for others to see.
Right, I will, once I'm done with everything else.

Leaving for Conestoga Friday. Much work in between. Must get some agent queries out....soon.


Mar. 30th, 2009 08:22 am
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From the fortune wars:
In your professional environment, a brilliant success makes this particular day into an important one for your entire career...

I've been told this before, and to my recollection, nothing particularly brilliant happened. So I'm not gonna get worked up over this. ::rolls eyes::

I've said before that on Sundays I usually work on something fun. Yesterday I worked on my WIP, because I wanted to. I'm about 60% finished with the revision, and I'm about to start hitting the parts that really need to be redone....which is sort of exciting.
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No Oscars last night. Made cookies and watched Nature.

I was extremely perturbed when the invading pack of wolves (the Slews?) killed the local coyote male (they caught the chase and the death on film). Normally, that sort of thing doesn't bother me, but I was seriously pulling for the coyote. When the Slews had a series of misfortunes that reduced their numbers and broke up the pack, I told [livejournal.com profile] displacedtexan, "That's what they get for killing the coyote." Fortunately the coyote's mate had three healthy pups and the other pack (The Druids) came back and retook the valley. (Yay! Justice!)

Today? Fence guys. Mailing. Work on DitD rewrite.

Horoscope 1 says...
A project that you're rather excited about could require some intense work alone today, dear Libra. You...need to concentrate in order to get the best possible results. Nonetheless, at the end of the day you're likely to be quite happy with what you've accomplished. Go to it!

Horoscope 2 says...
Professionally speaking, you are going through a period of reflection, which might cause you to withdraw into yourself somewhat. ...it could well be that you decide to keep your office door shut today. Your projects are at a critical stage right now, and you are only too aware that rigor and patience are now needed. It would be sensible to explain this to your colleagues or bosses, since your inactivity might seem like laziness to the uninitiated.

Actually rather apt, today. So I am working, folks, and I'm gonna go offline for most of the day....I am NOT being lazy. There, I explained.
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My compiler must have gotten his act back together: No spaceships in today's predicitons:
Some exciting career developments could have you flying high today, J. Perhaps you've just attained a long-term goal, or managed to get a break which tells you that your goals are now within your reach. Whichever it is, you're likely to be on the receiving end of some unexpected congratulations, perhaps from people you wouldn't have thought it of. An increase in income could also be in the offing. Whatever it is, you've earned it!

The day ahead should be fairly positive, dear Libra, and you will begin to feel the faintest hints of a major change beginning. This new phase will last seven months. As it progresses, you will find greater freedom of expression, and you can expect to shift into high gear on subjects you used to avoid.

Oh, yeah!

Also, the plot bunny visited last night. A good idea that will mean TONS of research. Why does that bunny always hit me in the research?
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From today's horoscope wars:
You may need to keep your spaceship idle today and perform a safety check for you and your crew, dear Libra. Make sure everyone on board is completely informed of their destination. It could be that you just picked them off the street without really telling them where they would end up. It is important that you don't drag people into your world unwittingly. If they voluntarily give up the controls to you, however, that is a different horoscope.

So, I think that the compiler stayed up too late last night watching re-runs of Earth 2.

What do you think happened here?
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The respect of influential people will soon be yours.


(I went to the store to get oatmeal....and the store is next to a Chinese restaurant. I left with oatmeal and sesame chicken. I did not eat the oatmeal. Bad me.)
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You are less optimistic and energetic than usual, J. Your mind feels sluggish. In fact, your whole body does. You're either coming down with the flu or you are completely and thoroughly depressed.

Yes, Libras...we may have had that great publishing day only a few days ago (not!), but now we're paying for it in the form of the influenza virus. You are warned...

(Actually, with this nasty weather stretching across the whole country, can you go wrong with that prediction? After all, it is cold and flu season, and everyone who doesn't have one of those two will probably have SADD)
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If you've been striving for success in the fields of writing, speaking or publishing, dear Libra, you have the chance to get a real breakthrough today. A large sum of money, or an opportunity to earn it in one of these fields, might come your way, and you'll definitely want to take advantage of it. Legal papers such as contracts may be involved. This definitely boosts your ego, your mood, and your motivation.

I did not make that up. Honest.

OK, I'm waiting.....
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I've been reading three distinct daily horoscopes for a couple of years now. They rarely agree with each other, and that 'brilliant success' I was promised a few days ago? I got a rejection instead.

Anyhow, I've been reading them partially in an effort to understand the patterns in them.
rambling under the cut )
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So, at WFC at the small press launch party, I got the best fortune cookie ever.

You have a flair for adding a fanciful dimension to any story.

This is now taped to my monitor. For most people, this could be taken as "You are such a liar!", but for me, I'll consider it a compliment.

I also got another one at a Chinese restaurant where [livejournal.com profile] displacedtexan and I ate with Patrice Sarath and her husband and son, Linda Glaser, and Yvonne and Dylan, both of whose last names I've forgotten (must look those up). Not too surprisingly, the cookies all had fortunes in English and in French. What surprised me was that the fortunes were different between the two languages. That seems wrong.

Oh, yes, WFC....blathering under the cut )
Over all, I thought it a very enjoyable con.
I don't think I'm going to do San Jose next year, but mainly because we're talking WisCon instead. We'll have to see. ;o)


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