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My mother told me she really liked Early Winter, Near Jenli Village (at least I remember it that way), and her tastes were validated today by Lois Tilton over at IROSF, who gave the story a RECOMMENDED review!

A sad and quiet tale about wounds that even kindness and love are not enough to heal.

I am full of squee!!! And thanks to [livejournal.com profile] marshall_payne for the heads up!

On another note, I went to the brick-and-morter book store today and was frustrated that I couldn't find what I was looking for (hardbacks of the last two books by Jim Butcher, and the first two books by [livejournal.com profile] rclementmoore). That is less worthy of squee. I gave in and ordered on-line.
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"Early Winter, Near Jenli Village" went live this morning on Fantasy Magazine, and as promised, I have a nice link right here.

In related news, I got an e-mail that said that Wildside Press is having an April sale, where they're offering a 25% discount on a purchase of any 2 or more items in their inventory.

I didn't see any signs that the sale was exclusive so, from the e-mail...
That means everything: Wildside Press classics, Prime Books anthologies, Juno Books novels, old and new issues of Weird Tales... and everything in between! If you can find it at WildsidePress.com (or our backlist site, WildsideBooks.com), it's on sale from now through April 30. Just enter the coupon code "april" at checkout.

Must go shopping later ;o)
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I've found out that my short story, Early Winter, Near Jenli Village will be surfacing tomorrow over at Fantasy Magazine.

I have to say that I'm pleased it made it into the month of April, which I can't explain further without getting spoilerly. (I'll try to explain later.)

This story is one of my dragon series, although no, there's not a dragon in it. (So don't come complaining to me if you can't find a dragon). It's included in that series because it's about the same family. The POV character for this story is Li-huan, the younger half-brother of Yun-qi from The Dragon's Child which ran in Beneath Ceaseless Skies back in December.

This particular story sprang full-grown out of a dream, as did my other story which features Li-huan--THW. The rather odd title came from my reading of The Jade Mountain, a book of ancient Chinese poetry. In trying to name my story, I stared at the list of poem names for a long time (because Li-huan is a bit of a poet), and realized that many of the poems had names that described where and when they were written...rather than what they were about. Hence the above title ;o)

I am so pleased that it will be running in Fantasy Magazine, and I will definitely post a link as soon as it pops up ;o)


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