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Finally, thoughts about Conestoga. Read more... )
But Conestoga was a blast. I'll get to see a lot of the same people in a couple of months at SoonerCon as well, so that's something to look forward to ;o)

I wrote DitD quickly. In reading it quickly, (100 pages in two sittings) I noted that I need to work on varying the phrases for certain movements, and so have decided that I will start compiling my own Thesaurus of Body Language.

So I'm starting with eyebrows. My first too-often-used phrase is 'he regarded her with raised brows' Any suggestions as to other ways to write this bit of body language, oh wiki-world?*

*(Please note, if I happen to use your phrasing at some point in the future, I am not going to pay you royalties. Get over it.)


Jan. 23rd, 2009 11:04 am
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Why is it that when one highlights one's hair, it always seems like there will be broad swaths of highlighting, but in truth there are almost no highlights at all when one's finished?

(I don't really expect an answer.)

Con plans for 2009:
Conestoga 13, April 24-26, Tulsa
This is definite, hotel already booked. Hope to be a panelist again, but haven't talked to EB yet. Must do.

Wiscon 33, May 22-25, Madison, WI
This is definite, hotel booked thanks to the help of the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] jess_ka. Not sure about doing any panels, because I'll be a small fry there, but hope to do the BU RFR, at least. Codex breakfast? Fantasy Magazine breakfast?

SoonerCon, June 5-7, OKC
Home con, a lot of media and gaming. I will probably do this one, primarily to see writer friends. ;o)

Campbell Conference, July 9-12, Lawrence, KS
I will probably do this, although I haven't booked any time in the dorm yet. I suspect that I won't go to the two-week workshop, but perhaps come up early for the writers' retreat. That depends on schedule and money. Would be wonderful to see the greatly awesome James Gunn again, along with all the other usual suspects.

ArmadilloCon 31, August 14-16, Austin, TX
My FAVORITE!! con of all time. I actually did consider not going to the WOTF workshop last year because it fell on the same week-end as Armadillo. What were they thinking? I've already purchased my registration for 2009, but haven't gotten the room yet.

Fencon, Sept 18-20, DFW (Addison, really)
Haven't made up my mind, but will probably do this one. The hotel is, BTW, very nice.

So, lots of conning this year. No WFC or WorldCon, though. Quiet.
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Once again, WOTF24 did not release today....I heard someone say 10/10, although I think that would be an odd day of the week to release.

I have family visiting, student came yesterday for tutoring, got a rejected story tweaked and back off to a new market, went to visit with in-laws. Little tiny bit on the PB story, but since Thursday was the last day I worked on it, I had to re-read it a bit. Will try to get more on that done today. I have a book coming with pics of historical Saratoga Springs and a bit of the history of the town so I don't make any major setting gaffes.

FenCon? I'll put that under the cut to spare the flist )


Aug. 7th, 2008 09:13 am
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Well, I joined [livejournal.com profile] bittercon, but so far the only panel I really feel qualified to speak on (the one dealing with the Napoleonic Wars in Spec-fic) has already been widely covered.  The premise was asking why that period is so popular for spec-fic writers, which I considered rather obvious.  (It's the Regency, man!)

I'm going to have to leave BitterCon early to catch a plane Sunday, so I'm hoping to see plenty of good panel action before then....and maybe make a few new con buddies!  (Because I seriously need more friends to keep track of!)

Oh, and Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] ellameena! May this year be less stressful.


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