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Totally statistical, nothing more....but...

I got on to the awesome AnthologyBuilder site today to check the status of a story I'd submitted. It hasn't gone through yet, understandable since they've changed over readers, but I did find that I'd sold a few more copies of the stories I do have there, which is always lovely. Yay! I'm still hanging on to the #2 postion in "romance", which is ridiculously pleasing to me. Yay!
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Got a couple more stories posted up to Anthology Builder, which will bring me up to a total of five. So now, in addition to being available on-line, "Taking a Mile" is available through AB. I'll hope it gets read.

I actually have three other stories that have been published, but two haven't reached the age of fruition where their contract no longer binds them, and one is just a piece of flash...so I won't be posting it there. The Stains of the Past remains my best seller at AB, still holding on in the #2 slot in Romances.

Wrote 2K on something for the plot-bunny yesterday. I've got a note to write to an editor, a note to write to an illustrator, and a couple of e-mails I have to get out. Then I'll work on the re-write of DitD. ETA: My illustrator for WOTF XXIV, the talented James Galindo, has given me his permission to include his illustration for my story "Taking a Mile" on my web-page here. Yay!

At this point, I'm just massaging the post-outline of DitD. (I talked about that in my 'process' posts for Iron Shoes). A lot of the story arcs are sloppy, and I have to get rid of that scene where nothing happens. And add an epilogue.

This is the rough draft for my fourth novel, and one would think that by now I could have learned to write a neat and tidy first draft. Yeah, I'll let you guys know on the next one....


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