Iron Shoes

Feb. 2nd, 2009 07:40 am
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At first I thought it should be classified as a rewrite request, but I've since discovered that the editors consider their suggested changes as 'editing', not a rewrite.

So, it's definite then....I've sold Iron Shoes to PaperGolem for publication in the next volume of Alembical, a market that publishes four novellas in each volume.

As novellas are notoriously hard to place, I'm really excited about this. The plot bunny had me doing all kinds of research about 1905 Saratoga Springs for this (which I talked about in my posts tagged "process") and I kept doubting the plot bunny's masterplan, but in the end, the bunny won. I'm really glad I wrote it now!

Since there are supposed to be 4 (ETA: According to the editor, four is not the magical number, but I'm certain that there shall be more than 1) novellas in the next volume of Alembical, the editors (including the wonderful [ profile] klingonguy) still need more. [ profile] klingonguy posted recently that he was having trouble getting submissions that the editors felt were worthy of inclusion (I asked him in comments if he wanted to look at my loooooong fantasy/romance, concerned that he would find it too romancy for their market, but he encouraged me to send it anyway.)

Therefore I'm urging those of you who have novellas tucked under your wings to let them fly! The editors were prompt and super nice, and I want really cool people to share this volume with me. (The last volume had Jay Lake, Bruce Taylor, Ray Vuckevich, and James Van Pelt, so the standards are high!)

ETA:: And special kudos go out to [ profile] snickelish, [ profile] displacedtexan, and [ profile] melissajm who critted the super long mss for me and made numersou really helpful suggestions! Thanks!


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